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Yves Caudano


Ir–visible sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy of Biphenyl-3 methylene thiol monolayer on gold and silver: effect of the visible wavelength on the SFG spectrum

C. Humbert (1), L. Dreesen (1), A.A. Mani (1), Y. Caudano (1), J.-J. Lemaire (1), P.A. Thiry (1), and A. Peremans (1)
Surf. Sci., 502-503 (2002) 203-207


We measured IR-visible sum-frequency generation spectra of CH3-(C6H4)(2)-(CH2)(3)-S-H (Biphenyl-3) self-assembled monolayers on a silver and a gold substrate. For the latter substrate, we observed different interference patterns between the resonant signal of the CH vibration and the non-resonant contribution of the substrate as a function of the visible beam wavelength. The non-linear response of the gold substrate is enhanced around 480 nm corresponding to the s-d interband transition. Such effect is not observed for the silver substrate the interband transition of which is located out of the investigated visible spectral range of 450-700 nm.

Author addresses

  1. Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Moléculaire de Surface (LASMOS)
    Institute for Studies in Interface Science (ISIS)
    Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (FUNDP)
    61 Rue de Bruxelles, B-5000 Namur, Belgium

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