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Here are some of my favorite links:

Oh… no! Please, not another boring list of internet links? Oh, yes: exactly one of those! Although… mostly harmless.

  • Belgium

    Belgium is a country. Abroad, it is usually well-known for chocolate, beers, and the Smurfs. Within the country, it is also well-known for chocolate, beers, and the Smurfs.

    • Frites.be
      Although the French seemingly claim them, Belgium makes the best French fries. (Several years ago, we even unfolded a subversive plot vowing to sell them in France's hexagonal shape.) The trick is to cook them in two or, even better, three steps, at different temperatures. Historically, this recipe finds its roots in the different temperatures potatoes used to be cooked in the different regions of Belgium. That was before we reached an agreement, that is.

    • Belgian Federal Government
      The constitutional body that regulates French fries boiling temperatures across the country and beyond.

    • Cinebel
      Everything about movies and movie theaters in Belgium.

    • Infobel : Belgium white & yellow pages
      Belgian telephone directories.

    • Jean-Claude van Damme
      Belgium's greatest living philosopher. We try not to be aware of him. (To be fair, he has been brilliantly lucid at times: "Je suis fasciné par l'air. Si on enlevait l'air du ciel, tous les oiseaux tomberaient par terre… Et les avions aussi… En même temps l'air tu peux pas le toucher… Ca existe et ça existe pas… Ca nourrit l'homme sans qu'il ait faim… It's magic… L'air c'est beau en même temps tu peux pas le voir, c'est doux et tu peux pas le toucher… L'air c'est un peu comme mon cerveau…")

    • La Médiathèque
      A non-profit organization lending cultural material (e.g. music, movies) in the Belgian French speaking Community.

    • Quefaire - Loisirs Belgique
      A guide to leisure activities, exhibitions, and shows organized throughout Belgium.

    • Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
      So goes a Scottish saying: "If you see the neighbouring hill through the mist, it is going to rain; if you don't, it's raining." Since most of the country is flat, this proverb doesn't predict the Belgian weather very well.

    • Webwatch
      A Belgian internet portal.

    • Xhoûte-si-Ploût
      According to popular belief, this is Belgium's middle of nowhere. This place's name means in Walloon "Listen to whether it is raining." Its unusual name suggests that the village grounds served as a Paleolithic weather station.

    • Zip codes in Belgium
      The virtually complete list of Belgian localities. Did you know that Erps-kwerps' zip code is 3071? Well, maybe you never imagined that any village could be named Erps-Kwerps in the first place. We also have a village named On. Originally, it meant "St Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St Tysilio of the red cave" but we prefer to call it On.

  • Namur

    Namur is the capital of the Walloon region, in Belgium. The city stands at the foot of an old citadel that was build on the hill surrounded by the Sambre and Meuse rivers at their junction.

Languages and literature

I have always been fond of learning word etimology, foreign language grammar twists (of course, they arise from the other language!), and language history. To be fair, I may have been less thrilled with studying them at school, though… Luckily, those days are finally over. Even the youngest ones should naturally be entitled to benefit from the obvious, massive improvement of writing skills that ensued from the recent generalized recourse to automatic spell checkers and outsourcing ineffective brain memory storage to fine online dictionaries and references.

Sciences, physics, and mathematics

Additional serious and not so serious links. Without comment, at least for now.

Computers, internet, and programming languages

Diverse links

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