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Yves Caudano

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Yves Caudano
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About myself

I am a research associate of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS), working at the Laboratory for Surface Molecular Spectroscopy (LASMOS) in the Physics Department of the University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium (see my résumé).

My research work deals with vibrational properties of adsorbates at solid surfaces, such as hydrogen on silicon surfaces and C60 adsorbed on metallic substrates or on hydrogenated silicon surfaces. I specially investigate the vibrational and electron-phonon couplings occurring at these interfaces, both experimentally and theoretically.

In the laboratory, I probe surface vibrations by means of infrared absorption spectroscopy, high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS), and surface sum-frequency generation spectroscopy (SFG), a nonlinear optical spectroscopy, as well as its newborn sibling, doubly-resonant sum-frequency generation spectroscopy (DRSFG). I also make intensive use of theoretical modeling of the vibrational couplings and optical spectroscopies to pursue my research.

Research interests

Here are some of my present research interests (a few related publications)

  • Surface nonlinear optical spectroscopies (e.g. sum-frequency generation, second-harmonic generation)
  • Doubly-resonant sum-frequency generation spectroscopy (DRSFG)
  • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy at surfaces
  • Vibrational and electron-phonon couplings at surfaces
  • Vibrational lifetime measurements at surfaces
  • Vibrational properties of C60
  • Vibrational properties of alkali-doped C60 and of fulleride surfaces, in particular
  • Adsorption of C60 on surfaces (such as Ag(111), Au(111), Cu(111), or H/Si(111)1x1)
  • Alkali-doping of C60 at surfaces (such as the K/C60/Ag(111) interface)
  • Superconductivity in fullerenes
  • Si-H vibrations of hydrogenated silicon surfaces
  • Vibrational properties of hydrogenated silicon defects (e.g. platelets, vacancies, interstitials)
  • Hydrogen implantation in silicon and the SMARTCUT process
  • Formation of internal hydrogenated surfaces in silicon after hydrogen implantation
  • Modeling of infrared absorption spectroscopy of thin films and buried interfaces
  • Modeling of infrared-visible sum-frequency generation at surfaces and interfaces
  • Surface nonlinear magneto-optics

Follow these links to find more about my research:

Personal interests

My personal interests are not limited to the small but rich world of physics: they even stretch up to the world of ... mathematics. I seem to be particularly attracted by weird, counter-intuitive, mind-twisting proofs in physics and mathematics. Some less uncommon hobbies of mine would include (in no preferential order whatsoever):

  • Middle distance running (essentially 800 m - 1500 m)
  • Hiking and skying
  • Photography
  • Enjoying fine arts, such as
    • Paintings (particularly surrealists and impressionists)
    • Music
    • Elegant proofs and theories in physics and mathematics
    • New-York City architectural uniformity
  • Fishing
  • Writing
  • Collecting stamps
  • Growing cactus from seeds (a few hundreds of different species so far)
  • Playing snooker

If you enjoy photography, be sure to check my photo website as well!


Here is a collection of interesting links selected either for their particular usefulness, or for their particular lack of it. Themes include, among others, sciences, of course; literature and linguistic; programming languages, computers, and the internet; the Namur region and Belgium. Often mixed with a pinch of humour.

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